The simple games are the best games.

So lets take a look at volleys. To kids they can hardly reach anything over their head and their volleys are either filled with dodgy forehand grips or fragile under developed continental pokes at the ball. If you miss a volley you can feel like a bigger goose than if you miss from the baseline.

So there is the dilemma. Kids may not practice their volleys cause the risk is not work the reward. But they need to practice to get better.

Legend Volley has 1 rule. If you win the point with a volley, you win the game. From any position, you can be 0/40 down and then win with a volley and have that 5 point turnaround. It works best for use in doubles where the net activity goes through the roof.

  • Kids will go for more volleys (and adults)
  • Kids will concentrate harder on returning a volley as the price is high if they miss
  • Kids will improve. Volley practice is so much about ‘on the job training’.

Try a game of Legend Volley. So simple, it works.

Rick Willsmore –